19 things I’ve learned by 19

  1. People will blame you for things that are not your fault, don’t let it get to you
  2. People will promise to not leave you but then they will, that’s ok.
  3. It’s ok to breakdown, it’s ok to cry in public and it’s ok to have a mental health day
  4. Boys will flirt with you one minute and not respond the next then flirt with you again, it’s ok to get frustrated and it’s ok to stop putting up with it
  5. Pay attention to what people say when they are mad, pay attention to the way their face gets red and their vision blurs with tears, listen to the words they say
  6. Know that they wish they didn’t say it and know when it’s ok to forgive them
  7. Don’t buy something just to impress those who don’t really care. Splurge on that book you want instead of a video game that you’ll never play
  8. People will call you names and be mean to you; learn when to say enough is enough
  9. Your friends will not always be there for you, sometimes they need time for themselves but that does not mean they don’t care about you. Believe me they care so take a deep breath and remember the times you needed time too
  10. You will wait for your first kiss, your first love and when you find him you’ll realize why he was worth the wait
  11. Enjoy being young, take selfies with your friends and go skating in the winter, you’ll be thankful for it later
  12. Tell people what you’re feeling, if you need a day then tell them to give you a day, they’ll understand
  13. Get your sleep, sleep in as long as you want and don’t apologize for it
  14. Talk to your sister because she needs you more than you know
  15. Ask your brother about his favourite book, he really wants to tell you about it
  16. Buy comfy sweaters for the days that you need that little extra inch of comfort
  17. Make a mixed CD of songs your friends like and listen to it on your drive to school, you’ll find some of your favourite artists on it
  18. Take care of yourself, drink lots of water and treat yourself to a nice bubble bath every now and then
  19. Stop comparing yourself to others, life is not about competition

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