Instagram Tips + How I Edit My Photos

I haven’t posted in a while (and for that I’m sorry). I have been having a rough time writing anything at this point but eventually I’ll get back on track. Things have been so hectic lately between work, school, the makeup blog and I’ve recently joined the fashion council in my city so trying to find something to write for this blog has been a job in itself. However I’ve noticed that recently I have had a slight theme to my Instagram (feel free to follow me) and while I don’t have many followers, I have learned a thing or two about Instagram that I thought I’d share.

Decide on a theme: Themes are a major role in the Instagram community now. People are more likely to follow you if they see a theme that is pleasant to them. There are tons of editing apps that help you create the theme you want.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 7.06.21 PMVSCO cam is a great editing app and Pinterest has tons of posts about how you can edit your pictures to keep them consistent.

(from left to right; noorodeh7macbby11, bookbaristas, harrystyles)

Taking the perfect picture: Taking the perfect picture is the hardest part (in my opinion). I recently got an iPhone 6 and I’ve found that when I open the camera app, I automatically switch from the “photo” screen to “square” which helps ensure all my pictures are the same size. Try and stay consistent with your colour scheme in your pictures. As you can see in my current theme there are pink hues or objects (for the most part).  I really love editing my pictures in VSCO cam because it has square pictures so it looks exactly like my Instagram so I can see what kind of pictures look good together and what they will look like once they are all posted. Something I find really helpful is taking multiple pictures of the same picture just from different angles that way you have tons of pictures to choose from.

Hashtags: Hashtags are needed to get your picture out there. However you don’t need a ton. There is nothing worse (to me) than a picture being bombarded with hashtags and half the time they aren’t even in relation to the picture. There are apps you can download for your phone that show you the most popular hashtags at the time you’re posting. However you don’t need to use all of them. My most used hashtags include #VSCO and #VSCOcam.

(from left to right; adievemac and sylviepepper)

Editing Your Photos: Editing your photos allows you to go from a average photo to an amazing photo. How you edit your photos will also gain you likes and follows. High exposure and negative space tends to generate more likes along with low saturation. Blue (as a dominant colour) also generates more likes.

Layout: How you set up your photos can have a major effect on if it gets you likes. When you have a nice layout, it’s more pleasing to the eye which causes interest and generates likes.

(from left to right; sylviepepper, adievemac, michaelakathleenx)

How I edit my Instagram photos: First thing I do is take multiple pictures (I tend to take them either with my iPhone or my DSLR camera and then send them to myself on Facebook messenger from my MacBook). I then choose what photo I want to edit and open it in VSCO cam. I always use the same filters (HB1 or HB2 which can be downloaded from the store) and add +2 or +3 exposure.


Ultimately Instagram is meant to be fun so get a group of friends together and go around your city or on a weekend trip and take tons of photos, take photos of what makes you happy and what you want to remember. I know I talked a lot about likes and followers but those aren’t the most important thing. Enjoy your time and remember, Instagram is meant to be a fun way to share your experiences so have fun with it and don’t stress about it. Until next time, stay rad!

Michaela Kathleen


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