Bucket List for Fourth Year

There are a lot of things I want to accomplish for the upcoming school year (yes I’m already thinking about school unfortunately) and I figured that if I post this list publicly then I will have to stick with it. This post is more for my benefit but if you’d like, feel free to make your own bucket list and leave a link in the comments (I’m weird and love reading bucket lists!). 

  • RAISE MY GPA: I raised my GPA by .4 last year and that was great and all but I want to get to at least a 3.5 which means really applying myself in my fourth year of studies
  • MAKE SUPPER AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK: I’m really bad at cooking meals for myself since I spend so much time at school (seriously over 10 hours a day) so I never think to pack myself a supper which means I eat cafeteria or Tim Hortons food a lot and it’s not the best to eat constantly. Queue the meal prep!
  • START WRITING A NOVEL: A big goal of mine is to write and publish a novel, even if it’s just an e-book. What better time to do that than when I’m in university taking creative writing courses?
  • GET OUT MORE: I really don’t go out much but this year I’m making it a goal to go out with friends at least once every two weeks whether it’s dinner at a new restaurant or going to the board game cafe, I plan on getting out more!
  • COMMIT TO THE GYM: The school year is the worst for me for gaining weight and this year I am determined to lose at least 30 pounds but the time next June rolls around. I plan on doing this the healthy way, with good eating habits, drinking lots of water and getting back to the gym!

I realize it isn’t a big bucket list but to me this is what I can manage on top of my full course load and working full time. Wish my luck guys xx


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