My 2017 Resolutions: How I Plan to Make This The Best Year Yet

2016 has come and gone (thank god because what a year!) so I thought it was appropriate to post my 2017 resolutions on the first day of 2017 because is there a better time?

First thing that I’ve learned about resolutions is they have to be actually attainable. In the past I have set some pretty crazy, unrealistic goal like raise my GPA 2.0 in a semester which, for myself, is just not realistic so here are my realistic resolutions for 2017!

  1. Get Healthy! – For most of my life I’ve been pretty unhealthy. I’m a binge eater and that does nothing for my health and body so for 2017 I have made it a priority to get healthy! I’m going to aim to try and make it to the gym 5 days a week (you can listen to my Werkout Twerkout playlist for the gym here on Spotify). I have a lot of friends who have memberships to the same gym as me so I’ll be making them join me (you’re welcome guys) and once the weather gets nicer, I’ll be utilizing the amazing trails around my city. I’ve been in contact with a local company that formalize customized meal plans to help with my goal to become healthier. I also plan to keep a “Wellness Journal” where I will write motivations and track my progress!
  2. Do Better! – This resolution is mainly in regards to school. I was very lucky to get a decent grade in many of the classes I was in this semester because I, quite frankly, didn’t produce the work I know I’m capable of.
  3. Drink More Water! – This one kind of goes in hand with my first resolution. I am one of those people who love water but constantly forget to drink it. During the summer I work at a summer camp with children and we are outside constantly, therefore summer time I have no problem drinking, no joke, at least 3 liters of water a day but come the school year I reach for things like Gatorade or energy drinks so this year I vow to drink more water during the school year! Maybe this gives me an excuse to buy myself a cute new water bottle…. 😉
  4. Let Things Go!- I’m really bad at thinking about things that happened in the past and how I wish I would have handled things differently when in reality I need to learn to just let the past be the past.
  5. Blog More! – I want to be more active on both this blog and my makeup blog (I’ve been seriously slacking!). This includes writing more posts, whether they be book reviews or anything really, I just want to blog more.
  6. Get Involved!- I want to get involved with more things in my community but especially surrounding mental health and women’s issues.

Those are my top resolutions for 2017. What are some of your resolutions? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Michaela Kathleen xx


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