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Hello! My name is Michaela Kathleen (as I’m sure you gathered from the blog title…) and I’m 21 years old. I live on the east coast of Canada with my 3 cats and hedgehog. I am a full-time student completing my bachelor degree while also working as a special needs educator with autistic children. I love to sing (though I’m not very good), read, write fiction and occasionally dabble in poetry. I have a passion for creating delicious meals full of flavour (though I always make too much pasta) and enjoy a good mimosa on a patio. I love elephants, long baths and binge-watching Netflix.

This blog has gone through so many transformations but I think I’ve finally figured out where I want it to go. When I first started this blog, I was busy trying to compete with other blogs and the content they were posting instead of just being myself. That changes now! I have a passion for beauty, fashion, fitness and am a strong believer in #SelfCareSundays therefore on this blog, you will find all those things! In my monthly favourites, you will find everything from my favourite beauty products, to music I’m loving and everything in between! Routines are everything from my current skincare to my morning or evening routines!  On bucket list are my goals for what I want to do and a great way to keep track of if/when I accomplish it! I will be adding to this as the year goes on and I’m excited to see all that I can check off! On get fit with me you will be able to see my fitness journey complete with tips, workouts and recipes! In chit chats, you will find a variety of posts from ramblings to (hopefully) helpful things! Last, but certainly not least, is self-care Sundays where I will be posting all my self-care and self-love related posts.

I’m very excited to see where this blogging journey takes me and I hope you will join me for the ride!

Until next time,

Michaela Kathleen

I’d love to hear from you on other social media sites so let’s connect!

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